Platinum Pensioneer Trustees Ltd has expert knowledge in the areas of pension trustee obligations. Pension scheme trustees need to be fully aware of the legislative, financial and administrative issues that becoming a pension scheme trustee entails.

Platinum brings its significant pensions knowledge and experience to the role of pension scheme trustee.
Appointing Platinum to the role of sole or co-trustee to a pension scheme achieves a number of advantages:

  • Independence
    Appointing an independent party as sole or co-trustee to a scheme brings a significant level of independent to the role of trustee
  • Avoids conflicts of interest
    The appointment of an independent sole or co-trustee also reduces the potential for conflicts of interest between the employer in their role as employer and in their role as trustee of the scheme
  • In-depth knowledge
    Appointing a professional trustee bring a level of in-depth knowledge of pension related issues that may not currently exist

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